04 September 2012

Alaska Fly Pattern Resources

We have a saying on the Togiak when it comes to salmon patterns (especially when fishing for silver salmon): use any color you want as long as it's pink. The fact is that pink nearly always does well here, but our guests catch Togiak salmon on many different patterns. We'll highlight some here on the blog in the coming months, but in the meantime here's a great resource for fly anglers planning a trip to Alaska to fish: The Alaska Fly Tier's Bench. Alaksa salmon flies, as well as patterns for rainbows, dollies, and our other species of fish.

03 September 2012

Recent Trip Photos

One of our guests who was with us last week for seven days of Togiak River salmon fishing sent in a few photos from the trip. August is a great time to fish the Togiak from our fishing camp, as you can fish for multiple species of fish: silver / coho salmon, sockeye / red salmon, king / chinook salmon, pink / humpy salmon (in even years), along with rainbow trout and dolly varden. Last week our fishing guides helped guests catch all of these except kings -- which are on their spawning beds and now out of season -- along with char and grayling to boot. Click on any of these photos to see them larger and in a lightbox.

Togiak River Fishing Adventures guide Ryan Carruthers with a big buck silver salmon

A 30-inch rainbow trout caught in the main channel of the Togiak

Another big rainbow trout from the Togiak main channel

A typical sunrise from our fishing camp on the Togiak

Going up the Gechiak for rainbow trout, dolly garden, and silver salmon

A two- or three-pound ocean-going dolly varden in spawning colors

Some of our guests headed back to the bard after a great day of salmon fishing

Preparing for a day of salmon fishing at sunrise

Silver salmon, sunny weather, and a cigar - perfection!

Thursday was a shore lunch day - here Brad prepares his famous fried salmon lunch on the river

Sunrise over the Togiak River Fishing Adventures fleet

Good weather for flying to and from the Togiak last Friday

A view from the Grumman Goose on the way back to Dillingham

30 August 2012

A Report From The Upper River

Long-time Togiak river fishing guides Mike Flynn and Bruce Carlberg recently guided a float trip from Togiak lake down through the upper stretch of the river. They report that the upper Togiak is full of spawning pink salmon, and that the dolly varden and arctic char fishing was off the charts. Silver salmon are also starting to show in the upper river, with very good silver fishing from our camp at the boundary of the Togiak National Wilderness Area up through the area above Kashaiak Creek.

22 August 2012

Togiak River Fishing Report: Late August, 2012

Here's the latest report, at least for our camp, for Togiak River salmon fishing: due to a late spring, our earlier salmon runs were a bit late this year. Silver / coho salmon, however, are in the Togiak right on schedule, and are showing in good numbers with the size and number of fish increasing as the run continues. We are also fishing for rainbow trout in the main river and in Kashaiak creek, and rainbow trout, dolly varden, and silver salmon in Gechiak creek. The dolly fishing right behind our camp is also quite good, as it is each year, though the pink and sockeye salmon spawn is winding down and the rainbows and dollies are spreading out throughout the river system.

We are seeing good fishing now and it should only improve in the last week of August and early September. Water level and clarity are normal. Weather is a bit of everything, as always - some days sunny, some rainy, some windy and some not; highs in the 50s and lows in the 40s.

25 July 2012

New TRFA Videos

One of our loyal guests, who returns each year to fish the silver run with us in August, has produced a series of short videos about TRFA as a way of showing his enthusiasm for what we do here. Here's the first, and we hope you like it.

PS: We know YouTube pops up an ad during the video. If you watch it twice, the ad usually goes away ...

23 July 2012

Up The Gechiak

Gechiak Creek is a great stream that flows into the Togiak just about a mile below our camp.

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When we have guests in camp who like to fly fish and want a shot at big Rainbows and Dolly Varden, while still being able to fish Salmon, we'll run them up the Gech in one of our flat-bottom boats. It's a great day on the river, with a shore lunch and lots over very wild country and very different water than in the Togiak. Almost everyone who goes up the Gech insists on a return trip each year they're back.

Last year one of our guides who takes guests up the Gechiak, Scott Henry, wore a GoPro head cam during the 15 minute run up-river. Here's the video, and it really gives you a sense of the country. Enjoy.

22 July 2012


Silver season is upon us, and it's time to start tying crazy flies. Strange things seem to work up here, and here's a gallery of flies that have hooked up on our aggressive silvers.


16 July 2012

Welcome To Our New Site

Welcome to the new site for Togiak River Fishing Adventures. Karla, I, and the entire TRFA crew are on the river and having a great season. Those who are new to us can learn all they want about us and our fishing on this site, and our many loyal return guests can visit here often to hear the latest from the river (or during the Winter, about TRFA and what we're up to).

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